Welcome to Casa Rural El Reguelo as they are called in Spanish – our Holiday Home El Reguelo

We are in northern Andalucia just 6 km from Fuensanta de  Martos, 15 km from Martos and about 1.5 hours from Cordoba, Granada, Ubeda and Baeza and 35 minutes to the city of Jaen. A peaceful spot and a great base for day trips to explore the beautiful area in which we live, and offer our holiday home for you to enjoy.

Come in and meet Casa El Reguelo

Jaen province is the major producer of olive oil so we are surrounded by olive groves as well as being  in  the area called Sierra Sur de Jaen or southern mountains of Jaen.  Casa El Reguelo lies in the sleepy, rural hamlet of El Reguelo with around ten houses and a wandering peacock that also seems to love it there.

It’s a farming village and the locals are very friendly but speak no English so it’s the perfect location to practise your Spanish if you wish. There are no shops or bars but there is a daily bread van that does its rounds.

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